In 2018 Manbites Dog completed a 31-year run as a theater production company and began a transition to a new mission. Using the proceeds from the sale of our Foster Street theater building, we established the Manbites Dog Theater Fund. We took a one-year hiatus in 2018-19 to plan and organize, then launched our new mission in 2019-20, as a funding and support organization for Triangle theater artists.

Applying for Grants

We are not currently taking grant applications. Upcoming grant opportunities will be announced here and on social media. Please check back in late summer 2024 for more information.

Past Grants

  • 2023-24: 20-Minute Grants – Small easy-to-apply-for grants designed to help theater-makers pay artists. Awarded to 15 Triangle theater artists and organizations for the 2023-24 season. Total: $7,500. [More]
  • 2023: Special Grants – Awarded to 2 Triangle theater organizations in support of special projects in the fall of 2023. Total: $1,700.
  • 2022-23: Theater Project Grants – awarded to 18 Triangle theater artists and organizations for the 2022-23 season. Total: $44,000. [More]
  • 2021 and 2022: Sustaining Grants – awarded to eleven local artists and organizations for ongoing initiatives that strengthen the Triangle theater community.Total: $75,000 [More]
  • 2020: Ann Atwater Theater Awards – awarded to six Triangle theater artists and organizations whose work has reflected and honored Durham icon Ann Atwater’s lifelong commitment to activism for social justice. Total: $24,000 [More]
  • 2020: Emergency Artist Support Grants – awarded to five emergency Triangle grass-roots artist relief funds from March to December 2020. Total: $52,000 [More]
  • 2019-20: Theater Project Grants – awarded to 24 Triangle artists and organizations. (Note: Due to the pandemic, several of these projects were either modified, postponed into 2022, or cancelled.) Total: $37,125 [More]