Big Announcement and A New Direction

Seventy Scenes1_11-87
Manbites Dog Theater, 343 West Main Street, Durham NC. October 1987. Photo: Alan Dehmer

Manbites Dog Theater is ready for a new adventure.

In our first 10 years, beginning in 1987, we were a vagabond theater company with small resources and big things to say: Manbites Dog, Stage 1.

Then, in 1997, came the long-dreamed-of purchase of a permanent home, our building at 703 Foster Street. For 20 years, we have produced our own work and hosted other theater companies and artists here: Manbites Dog, Stage 2.

And now: 2017.

Manbites Dog Stage 3 will be a transition to a new way of fulfilling our mission: serving as a funding and support agency exclusively for theater companies and artists in this region.

This year’s 31st season will mark our historic final season at 703 Foster Street. With help from stalwart Manbites Dog donors, amazingly talented artists, and loyal theater-loving audiences, we will celebrate the season in grand style by making and sharing timely, provocative, live theater.

Later in the season, Manbites Dog will sell our Foster Street building and place the proceeds in our new agency fund at Triangle Community Foundation.

When the season ends in June, Manbites Dog will take a sabbatical to plan and organize Manbites Dog Stage 3. And then—using our agency fund—we’ll continue our mission to nurture local theater artists and help strengthen this region’s theatrical community.

We hope you’ll join us to celebrate our final season at 703 Foster Street and continue with us on this amazing journey.

It’s going to be fun.

See you soon at Manbites Dog.

The Board of Manbites Dog Theater
Michael Hayes (President), Edward Hunt, John Martin, Edith McMillan, Alice Sharpe, Jeff Storer, Monique Velasquez
A Letter from Ed and Jeff

2017-18 Season Producers:
David Ball and Susan C. Pochapsky, Dorrie Casey and Archie Purcell, Barbara Dickinson and Michel Tharp, Marybeth Dugan and Kenny Dalsheimer, Mig and Michael Hayes, Jane Holding, Thomas S. Kenan III, John Martin and Robert Anthony McVeigh, Michael O’Foghludha and Linda Daniel