Waitlist FAQs


How many tickets will you have available?

We won’t know for sure until the night of the show. It depends on cancellations, no-shows, or attendees who don’t need all of their reserved tickets.

Can I sign up in advance by phone or email? I know someone in the show - can they put me on the waiting list?

No. You have to be here in person the night of the show to sign up for the list. Cast and crew cannot put you on the list. We start taking names when we open the box office around 7:00 – or 1:00 for 2:00 matinees.

What are my chances of getting in?

There are no guarantees, but your chances are best if you’re the first person on the list. Your odds lessen the further down on the list you are.

What time should I arrive to be first in line?

(Yes, we really get asked this question. A lot.)
Sometimes nobody arrives for the waiting list until fifteen or twenty minutes after we open. Sometimes there are already a half dozen or more people lined up outside when we arrive. You never know.
(Go here for a more detailed discussion of queueing theory.)

We have a group of eight. Can I come by myself and sign up all eight?

No. You can sign up for a maximum of two tickets. To sign up a group of eight, at least four of you would have to be here in person. Everyone in your party needs to be here by the time we start releasing tickets to the waiting list.

I have a friend who lives just up the street/across town/in Chapel Hill. Can I sign up for two, then call them to come over if I get tickets?

No. When we start releasing tickets to the waiting list, everyone in your party needs to be present and ready to be seated immediately.

I purchased tickets but will not need them all. Can I resell them to people on the waiting list?

No. We do not allow individuals to resell their tickets at the theater to the waiting list; all waiting list ticket sales are handled by us. If you will not be using some or all of your tickets, please call us IN ADVANCE prior to the night of the show to arrange a cancellation/refund. If you are already at the theater, please check in at the front desk to arrange possible refund of tickets.

When do you start releasing tickets to the waiting list?

Usually after 8:00 p.m. (or after 1:45 p.m. for 2:00 matinees). We will let you know our estimated call time when you sign up on the list.

If I get in, can I pay by credit card?

To avoid delaying the start of the show, waiting list sales will be cash only.

What is seating like for the waiting list?

We usually seat from 80 to 100 or more people, depending on the show, so most seats are fine. Some seats may be side seating (reasonably good sightlines, but at an angle). Seating may not be together. We don’t usually have room for standing room admissions.

What if I don't like the seating?

You will not be able to check out the seating ahead of time. However, if after you purchase a ticket you are not satisfied with the seating, return immediately to the box office BEFORE the show starts. We will give you a full refund and resell your tickets.

If I have Season Flex Passes, do I get priority on the waiting list?

No, but you CAN use your Season Flex Pass to purchase your tickets if you do get in. Let us know when you sign up on the list that you plan to use your Season Pass.

Can I buy waiting list tickets at Student prices?

Yes, student tickets are $10 on weekends, $6 on weeknights. If you are college age or older, you must have a current, valid student i.d. with you for EACH ticket purchased.

If I don't get in, can I go ahead and sign up for another night's waiting list?

No. We start a new waiting list at each performance.

I REALLY wanted to see the show, but now I can't... What lesson can I learn from this?

Purchase or reserve tickets early, and sign up for our e-list, which notifies you in advance of upcoming events.

It's not fair! Nobody told me it was going to sell out.

Theater, unlike everything else in the universe, is not fair.

Other questions?

Call and leave a message at 919.682.3343  or email us at manbitesdogtheater@gmail.com