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A stage space has two rules: (1) Anything can happen and (2) Something must happen.

— Peter Brook, The Empty Space


Since 1987, Manbites Dog has produced and presented some of the best theater in the Triangle. That’s over 150 one-of-a-kind shows – more than 2,000 performances, employing hundreds of talented and committed local theater artists, with a loyal and supportive audience now totaling close to 120,000 attendees. The current season – our 28th – continues our mission of presenting new plays and playwrights, and working with an ever-growing family of actors, designers, directors, and technicians.

Along the way, we’ve also been a pioneer in the renaissance of downtown Durham. Our building, which opened in 1998, has been a major catalyst for — and the epicenter of — an exciting and revitalized neighborhood.

That’s something worth celebrating. And it’s something we think is worth supporting. Part of our income comes from ticket sales and grants. For the rest, we rely on individuals like you.

Please consider becoming a Manbites Dog supporter with a tax-deductible donation — and help make more memorable moments.

Thank you for your continued support. We hope to see you soon at Manbites Dog.



  • Check (preferred) to Manbites Dog, PO Box 402, Durham NC 27702
  • Credit Card on our online donation page
  • Sustainer monthly/quarterly donations scheduled as recurring payments through your bank.
  • Phone 919.682.3343.
  • In person, when attending a performance.
  • Stock donation – contact us to arrange it.
  • Does your employer match donations? Be sure to fill out a matching form.


Some things donations help pay for:

  • Sponsor the talent – $5,000 (actors, designers, and crew per show)
  • Dress up a show – $2,000 (sets, costumes, lights per show)
  • Turn the lights on – $1,500 (utilities, building upkeep per month)
  • Keep the doors open – $1,000 (monthly mortgage payment)
  • List who’s who – $250 (print programs for one week’s performances)
  • Keep us online – $100 (three months website hosting)
  • Keep it quiet – $25 (buys free audience cough drops for one year)



Email us at

Image: Daniel Hedglin, @DHedglin / #DrawThisTown